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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Recent Podcasts

Scatterbrains podcast: Chauntelle Tibbals
April 17, 2014
For the second episode of the Scatterbrains Podcast, besides promising to stop talking in the third person (seriously, no clue) I bring to you, the people, Chanutelle Tibbals, Ph.D. Or, as everyone else knows her, Dr. Chauntelle. Besides being a kickass brunch companion, her sociological research on the Adult Entertainment Industry is significant to our ever-changing culture. Yet is highly underrated, degraded, and unfunded.
Scatterbrains podcast: Gareth Reynolds
April 11, 2014
For the first episode of the Scatterbrains Podcast Alia Janine brings you Milwaukee native and comedian, Gareth Reynolds. We learn about what got Gareth into comedy and some of his new (and past) projects. They also talk about some Milwaukee classics, kooshes, and Pee Wee Herman. They definitely do not talk LSD, porn, or Alia's mom's ex-boyfriends. Strap yourselves in because this is going to be interesting!
Corbin Bersen talks "Major League" and more
April 8, 2014
In this podcast, we caught up with Bernsen to talk about the filming of "Major League," his memories of Milwaukee, Charlie Sheen, and what hes working on now. Bernsen said he wants to see all the extras at the game tonight to stand up and sing "Wild Thing."
Kramp Cast: Doug Benson
September 14, 2013
In today's Kramp Cast Doug and I talk about the "issues" of legalizing marijuana, the stupidity behind trying to hide it in college and how proud his parents were for him when he was named Stoner Of The Year from High Times Magazine.
Kramp Cast: Scott Weiland Of Stone Temple Pilots
August 1, 2013
In today's Kramp Cast singer Scott Weiland speaks candidly about being let go from the Stone Temple Pilots, how the band started more than 20 years ago and his love for the pit bulls that he rescued several years ago.
Kramp Cast: Bacon Race 2013 With Event Coordinator Chris Ponteri
July 31, 2013
In today's Kramp Cast I talk to Chris Ponteri about the Race For The Bacon 5k, how he got the idea for the event, what other fun races he's organizing and of course we talk bacon.
Kramp Cast: Alfonso Ribeiro talks about the Carlton, Spell-Mageddon and more!
July 30, 2013
In today's Kramp Cast I talk to Alfonso Ribeiro about hosting Spell-Mageddon, his days on Silver Spoons and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and the lack of willingness to do the "Carlton Dance."
Kramp Cast: Ikarus Down Takes Advantage Of Milwaukee's Festival Season
July 26, 2013
In today's Kramp Cast Ryan and Daniel of Ikarus Down join me to talk about playing festivals in Milwaukee, their day jobs, their favorite Star Wars movie, plus we get to hear a special acoustic version of Confidence from their "Friction" CD.
Kramp Cast: Hayward Williams Is A Musician That You Should Know
July 24, 2013
In today Kramp Cast I talk to Milwaukee musician Hayward Williams about his fans across seas, how important his 64 Gibson is to him, how he almost got kicked out of a recent Paul McCartney show, plus hear the debut of a new song called "Beginnings."
Kramp Cast: Satellite will headline Paxfest 2013
July 23, 2013
In today's Kramp Cast I talk to Steven McMorran of Satellite about Paxfest 2013, life on the road and how Satellite's debut album "Calling Birds" is a representation of a huge change in his life.