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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014

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Articles tagged with 'Movies'


"The New World Horror" takes on politics ... with zombies

Published May 14, 2014

The state of political discourse in the United States of America has had better days. Madison-based filmmaker Adam Schabow, however, thinks he might know exactly what this situation needs: zombies. Other assorted horror movie creatures are invited too, but mostly zombies.


Milwaukee one of five cities to premiere HBO's "The Normal Heart"

Published May 7, 2014

Two years ago, Milwaukee Film and HBO teamed up to bring the North American premiere of the Alex Gibney church sex scandal documentary "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God" to the Milwaukee Film Festival. The film was terrific, but perhaps best of all, the 2012 collaboration seems to spawned an equally terrific relationship between the two organizations, one that's bringing yet another premiere to town.


Fighting gender and race role disparity blooms into "Pretty Rosebud"

Published May 7, 2014

Milwaukee-born actress Chuti Tiu first got the taste for performing all the way back in first grade, playing Snow White at St. Matthias Parish School in West Allis. Her latest role in "Pretty Rosebud," however, finds her playing anything but a perfect Disney princess. And considering she's the film's writer, she has only herself to thank.


"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" gets trapped in its own messy webbing

Published May 5, 2014

The first installment of Marc Webb's rebooted Spider-Man series was content to follow almost identically in its predecessor's footsteps, taking in millions of dollars and handing out even more in cases of déjà vu. Now the desperate franchise has managed to blindly retrace the footsteps right into the same exact minefield. The faces may be new this time around, but now even the mistakes all are the same. In fact, they're somehow worse.


"Like Father, Like Son" is an engaging observation of a familial crisis

Published May 2, 2014

It would be a parents' nightmare to discover that the son that they've raised for six years wasn't actually their own, but in fact, someone else's. That's the revelation at the center of Japanese writer-director Hirokazu Koreeda's latest, "Like Father, Like Son," Wednesday night's Milwaukee Film members screening for the month of April.


Laziness, loud noises haunt horror flick "The Quiet Ones"

Published April 30, 2014

In the pre-release hype for "The Quiet Ones," distributor Lionsgate tweeted that they used between 12 and 20 different processes in order to give parts of the movie the look of old, grainy 16mm film. Cute fun fact, though as one astute follower quickly noted, if they really wanted to create the look of 16mm film, they could've, you know, actually used 16mm film. It's a little factoid, but one that nicely captures the lack of commitment that plagues the whole movie.


"The Railway Man" rides strong story, performances to success

Published April 27, 2014

The incredible true story of the late Eric Lomax, however, is worthy of celebration without requiring much Hollywood embellishment. It's an impossibly powerful story, as well as an almost impossible one to waste on screen. Luckily, "The Railway Man" does it justice, even through a coat of the Weinstein Company's patented prestige lacquer.


"Brick Mansions" requires taking too many bricks to the head

Published April 25, 2014

"Brick Mansions," Paul Walker's final completed film before his tragic accident late last November, can fairly easily be forgiven for unfortunate circumstances beyond its control. The plentiful, painfully glaring other cinematic flaws within its power? Less so.


Some possible picks for Point Fish Fry & A Flick's lineup

Published April 23, 2014

This morning, Point Fish Fry and a Flick announced that it will make a triumphant return to the lakefront late this summer. One important detail left out of this morning's press release? The flicks to be shown. The lineup - bumped back up to five screenings from just three last year - will be revealed on May 19, but until then, allow me to throw some ideas into the ring.


Latest faith-based offering "Heaven Is for Real" has some real issues

Published April 22, 2014

"Heaven Is for Real" is a moderately welcome upgrade for the Christian film norm. That's not to say it doesn't have many of the same problems that plague its faith-based brethren like a pestilence, but the film adaptation of Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent's bestselling non-fiction book is at least trying. "Heaven Is for Real" still almost necessitates being graded on a curve, but at least the movie earns it.


"Dom Hemingway": Jude Law goes from prim, proper to profane, punchy

Published April 19, 2014

Gone is Jude Law's pretty regality; in "Dom Hemingway," the Brit looks rough, and he gleefully tearing into his profane lead role like an untamed wolf that just got its first taste of meat. For Law, it's a chance for him to let loose with a character like never really before. And he most certainly does, with big, audaciously compelling results. The rest of the movie, unfortunately, has a hard time getting on his level, but can you really blame it?


Arnie's comeback turns ugly in "Sabotage"

Published April 15, 2014

"Sabotage" finds Arnold Schwarzenegger briefly pushing his persona in a new direction. It's not simply that the film is unexpectedly more murder mystery than action thriller; "Sabotage" is easily the meanest, most vulgar and most violent movie on Arnold's resume. Credit where credit is due for trying something new, but considering the film's brainlessly scummy ugliness, it qualifies merely as a not-quite-noble failure.


"Rio 2" is yet another enjoyably forgettable animated adventure

Published April 13, 2014

Much like the first movie, "Rio 2" is colorful and vibrant and cracks a few good jokes here or there. It's a generally enjoyable film, albeit one that feels like several animated features audiences have seen and forgotten long before.


"Draft Day" is a nice football movie for people who don't like football

Published April 11, 2014

"Draft Day" is an ad, less for the NFL Draft - though it is conveniently coming up in just a month - and more for the league itself. It's a hopeful attempt to get people to mindlessly consume a sport that's becoming more and more difficult to mindlessly consume. The mildly impressive thing is that, under "Ghostbusters" helmer Ivan Reitman's eye, the light, fluffy football trifle goes down almost as easily as designed.