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Everything is local!: Milwaukee native Schrab pegged for "The Lego Movie Sequel"

Published Feb. 25, 2015

"The Lego Movie Sequel" made headlines yesterday announcing its newly appointed director: Rob Schrab, a veteran of TV shows like "The Mindy Project," "Children's Hospital" and, most notably, NBC's beloved cult hit "Community." He also wrote the indie hit comic book "Scud: The Disposable Assassin." Oh, and he's also from Wisconsin! Everything is local! Everything is cool when you're from Milwaukee!


Comedy sequel "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" winds up all wet

Published Feb. 22, 2015

In movies, time travel typically ends up in the hands of the decent or deserving. "Hot Tube Time Machine 2" proposes ... what if it didn't? What if, instead, it wound up in the depraved hands of a bunch of restrained man-child ids, who then proceeded to violate space, time and everyone and everything they ran into along the way? The answer? Some laughs, I guess. A good amount of silence too. Bags don't come much more mixed than this.


"The SpongeBob Movie": Under the sea, but goofily higher than a kite

Published Feb. 14, 2015

Over 16 years of "SpongeBob SquarePants," the Nickelodeon cartoon's blend of childish giddiness, meta jokes and kooky non sequiturs has landed alongside Fruit Roll-Ups and naps in the middle section of a Venn diagram of things kids and cannabis users can equally love. That's certainly the case with the chatty cleaning device's delightfully wackadoodle second big screen trip, "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water."


"Fifty Shades of Grey" whips the novel into decent cinematic shape

Published Feb. 14, 2015

Considering that source material is erotic "Twilight" fan fiction, the bar isn't exactly set high, but overall, there's a surprising amount of cinematic pleasure to be found in "Fifty Shades of Grey" - plus an unfortunately predictable amount of pain.


Long-delayed, painfully generic "Seventh Son" leaves zero impact

Published Feb. 7, 2015

It's been a long, pothole-filled journey to the big screen for "Seventh Son," one that unfortunately has not been worth it. A tired story, dull performances and uninspired filmmaking team up to make a movie that plays like the last moldy pfft of air finally escaping from a long-forgotten deflated balloon. It's a film destined to be forgotten without bothering to leave any sign it ever existed in the first place.


Real life "American Sniper" wife Taya Kyle has a Milwaukee connection

Published Feb. 5, 2015

Whether because of the movie's incredible box office run, its polarizing politics, its several Oscar nominations or its tremendously fake prop baby, "American Sniper" has easily been the year's most talked about film. Now, there's something else to talk about: a Milwaukee connection.


"Mr. Turner" is no paint by numbers hagiography

Published Jan. 31, 2015

You can call "Mr. Turner" many things. Clocking in at 150 minutes, you could call it long. Call it occasionally unpleasant considering its titular subject's behavior is often crude and abrasive, and his dialogue - sometimes an indecipherable tumble drier of low-pitched grunts and grumbles - doesn't exactly provide much gilding. Just don't call it a basic Great Man hagiography biopic.


"Mortdecai" - Lifestyles of the rich and brainless

Published Jan. 31, 2015

If you're going to see one movie about a dandy, mustachioed gentleman on a caper involving stolen artwork and featuring an appearance by Jeff Goldblum, make it "The Grand Budapest Hotel." However, if you're going to see two movies about a dandy, mustachioed gentleman on a caper involving stolen artwork and featuring an appearance by Jeff Goldblum ... eh, maybe it's best to just watch "The Grand Budapest Hotel" a second time.


Short doc "The 414s" hacks its way into Sundance, CNN

Published Jan. 27, 2015

Over 30 years after the event - but just in time for today's headlines - local filmmakers Michael T. Vollmann (the Wisconsin Film Festival-winning short "Before You") and Chris James Thompson ("The Jeffrey Dahmer Files") are putting the true story of a group of young Milwaukee hackers back in the spotlight with their new short documentary "The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers."


J. Lo's "The Boy Next Door": Take a pass on these cookies

Published Jan. 26, 2015

As a gender-swapped sexy stalker thriller in the vein of "Fatal Attraction," "The Boy Next Door" is about as dead in the water as Michael Douglas' infamous pet bunny. However, as a tawdry slab of silly, giggle-inducing camp, "The Boy Next Door" scores more laughs than most intentional comedies. There's entertainment to be found here - cue the cookie-related innuendos - just never particularly of the variety the filmmakers were going for.


"Strange Magic" orders up plenty of strange but not too much magic

Published Jan. 24, 2015

It doesn't take long into George Lucas' bizarre new animated movie "Strange Magic" to ask "What the heck am I watching?" Not shortly after, that question turns into "Why the heck am I still watching this?" It's hard to rationalize a good answer for either.


"Blackhat" comes dangerously close to resembling a hack job

Published Jan. 22, 2015

After the Sony hack forced "The Interview" out of its prime Christmas release slot, "Blackhat" seemed to be perfectly primed to take its place. Alas, Universal kept the film in January. And maybe that was for the best, because even with its timely sounding synopsis, "Blackhat" plays like a relic, recalling less the anxiety of today's headlines and more the warmed-over memories of yesterday's forgettable action junk and silly techno-trash.