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Articles tagged with 'Movies'


"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer to play Friday at the Majestic

Published Nov. 25, 2014

Bad news, Marcus Majestic employees; your Black Friday crowds are going to even bigger than usual this weekend. The Brookfield movie house is one of 30 theaters nationwide that will witness the power of a fully operational 88-second "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer.


Packers trade out their helmets for harmonies in "Pitch Perfect 2" trailer

Published Nov. 20, 2014

The trailer for "Pitch Perfect 2" came out this morning. The original cast - Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, etc. - is all here, as well as a few new faces. Among those new faces, however, is one very familiar to sports fans: Packers linebacker Clay Matthews - flanked on both sides by fellow Packers TJ Lang, Josh Sitton, Don Barclay and David Bakhtiari.


"Dumb and Dumber To" is mostly the right kind of regressive

Published Nov. 19, 2014

In case there was a question about this matter, "Dumb and Dumber To" is - for lack of a better word - dumb. Very dumb. There's entertainment where you turn your brain off, and then there's this, where maybe it's best if you leave your brain out of the theater altogether just in case its rollicking, unrepentant stupidity is somehow contagious. But did I laugh? Yes.


Stewart makes fine move from "Daily Show" to drama with "Rosewater"

Published Nov. 17, 2014

Much like Stewart's incredibly influential television show, "Rosewater" is about navigating through troubling political times, topics and outrages with lightness, humor and humanity. And for the most part, the funnyman does a respectable job with his first go-around, his familiarity with the melding of politics and humor mostly making up for his unfamiliarity with writing and directing for the big screen.


Bringing an invisible rabbit to life in "Harvey" - a look behind the scenes

Published Nov. 15, 2014

When most people think of "Harvey," their minds probably jump to the classic 1950 Oscar-winning Jimmy Stewart film. But before Stewart got a crack at it, the story of Elwood P. Dowd and his pooka started out on stage. Now, it's returning to its origins with a run at the Milwaukee Rep starting Tuesday, Nov. 18 in the Quadracci Powerhouse.


"Big Hero 6" scores another victory for Disney and superhero movies

Published Nov. 12, 2014

I am satisfied with my care ... and with Disney's latest animated feature "Big Hero 6," a soaring and sweetly soulful addition to the crowded comic book superhero genre that flies just as high - if not higher - than many of its live-action ilk.


Harry Potter turns hellspawn in hugely uneven "Horns"

Published Nov. 3, 2014

Thanks to 2010's "Piranha 3-D," there will always be a special wing in my film-loving heart dedicated to French horror director Alexandre Aja. Aja knew exactly what that movie was and what he wanted it to achieve ... which makes it all the more disappointing that Aja seems clueless with what to do with his latest film, the clunky tonal puree "Horns."


Film critic Luhrssen's latest book looks at "War on the Silver Screen"

Published Oct. 29, 2014

It's one of the great philosophical questions about cinema: How much does reality shape the movies we watch, and how much do the movies we watch shape our perception of reality? Long-time Shepherd Express film critic Dave Luhrssen takes on that question with his latest book, "War on the Silver Screen," along with another classic question proposed by the great Detroit philosopher Edwin Starr: War, what is it good for?


"The Surface" sets out to make some Hollywood waves for Milwaukee

Published Oct. 28, 2014

Writer and producer Jeff Gendelman's dream project, one in the works for 18 years, is finally hitting the big screen, one that puts his childhood fascination and home in the spotlight for hopefully the rest of the world to appreciate.


"Kill the Messenger" uncovers a solid movie in hunt for truth (and Oscars)

Published Oct. 14, 2014

Judged as awards bait, "Kill the Messenger" won't likely snag the golden glory it's looking for. Once you remove the arbitrary frame of awards season, "Kill the Messenger" is a solid, satisfyingly unpredictable and well performed journalism drama that - following the lead of "Shattered Glass" and, of course, "All the President's Men" - often plays like a tense thriller.


The 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival by the numbers

Published Oct. 14, 2014

Anyone who went to a showing at the Milwaukee Film Festival in the past two weeks could tell you that the festival was having a good year in terms of attendance. When a documentary about genocide screening right in the middle of a Packers game still manages to draw an audience, it seems like things are going well. However, this morning, Milwaukee Film announced the numbers to prove it.