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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Nov. 21, 2014

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Lo: 25
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Construction done right

Published July 22, 2014

It's easy to complain about highway construction in Milwaukee. After all, it's pretty much a constant. When one project finishes, another begins ... if we're lucky. More often, it seems like every interchange or stretch of freeway is being worked on all at once.


Stop for pedestrians

Published June 21, 2013

Great cities are built for people. Thus, it's important to soften traffic and for you stop for pedestrians. Obeying the law also is important.


Is the I-94 quick fix really working already?

Published April 12, 2013

For the folks who head out west on I-94 during rush hour each morning, that drive had to be a daily frustration. Those of us driving east could only look across the concrete barrier with sympathy. Could a quick fix - and one finished early, to boot - have corrected this problem?


When it snows, stay home Milwaukee

Published Feb. 5, 2013

We live in Milwaukee. Wisconsin. It snows. Often. Yet somehow everyone loses their mind when they take to the road. If that's you, do the rest of us a favor and take a snow day.

Leadnoimage sets new traffic record in October

Published Nov. 2, 2011, Milwaukee's daily magazine and city guide, announced today that it set a new site traffic record during the month of October. Traffic rose to 386,937 unique visitors, according to Google Analytics. This figure is up nearly 53 percent from October of 2010, when the site received 253,068 unique readers.

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Tweaks And Quirks

Monday January 28th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    Everyone on this planet is at least a wee bit crazy to a certain degree, and I have yet to hear of or personally meet any exceptions. We’ve all got tweaks and quirks of some sort, and it becomes an issue of whether we choose to ...

Traffic Trauma

Monday April 21st, 2008 - Chicago, IL Just when I thought there were no new ways to suffer I had a whole scenario play out at the end of the day today that could be made into a movie script. The question is whether it would be a comedy or a horror flick. The fates seemed to feel a need to torture...

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