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Remembering the Moon Fun Shop and Downtown '68

Published Nov. 20, 2015

When I was a kid growing up on the Northwest Side of Milwaukee, whenever I had a little extra spending money beyond my consistent forays to buy candy or baseball cards, I couldn't wait to get Downtown.


A legendary show that wasn't: Bob Dylan at the Oriental

Published Nov. 20, 2015

This Saturday marks the 51st anniversary of the ill-fated Bob Dylan performance at the Oriental Theater. The concert has become legendary in the city's history - paraphrasing Dylan himself - not for what it was, but for what it wasn't.


16 bygone Milwaukee hotels

Published Nov. 13, 2015

Take a walk down memory lane - assuming you're old enough to remember any of the 14 old Milwaukee hotels featured in this peek into Milwaukee's tourism history during OnMilwaukee's Hotel Week.


That time a Milwaukee man going Downtown made the front page

Published Nov. 6, 2015

I rise now to heap encomiums on Louis Mueller, though he is long gone, and I know him only from a front-page article in The Milwaukee Journal 100 years ago titled, "Milwaukee man Downtown for the first time in 31 years."


Milwaukee's real-life paranormal love triangle

Published Oct. 31, 2015

`Tis the season to remember when a Milwaukee judge ruled that a man had no right to beat his wife because she was cheating on him with the ghost of her dead first husband.

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