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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Wisconsin concealed carry gun law: two years later

Published Nov. 9, 2013

November 1 marks the second anniversary of the passing of the once high profile - and still highly contentious - Wisconsin concealed carry law. Two writers took the mandatory safety class and report back.


NRA makes a push for blacks with guns

Published March 7, 2013

With so much tragedy from gun violence in cities like Chicago - and Milwaukee - the NRA's attempt to evoke the tragic violence perpetuated on black citizens during the civil rights movement strikes some as manipulative and cynical.


Our top cops take gun debate to national stage

Published Feb. 28, 2013

One thing about the debate over gun control is that Milwaukee's two big law enforcement officers are becoming national spokesmen. Police chief Edward Flynn is slated to appear on "Anderson Cooper 360" tonight on CNN at 8 p.m. Flynn thus joins Sheriff David A. Clarke who has enjoyed some national fame recently.


Vigilante justice boosts danger on our streets

Published Feb. 21, 2013

When Wisconsin foolishly passed a concealed carry bill, there were many people - me among them - who predicted that this was going to spawn a kind of vigilante justice and turn many neighborhoods into the OK Corral. Well, Guess what? It's happened.

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Reader blogs:

The Dave Clarke .44

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has urged  county residents to arm themselves  and take firearms training  in order to protect their homes from criminals.  Is that a good idea? Clarke, who was appointed Sheriff by  Republican  Acting Governor Scott McCal...

Second Amendment Jews

"Peace comes through God-centered strength.....if you're an armed person, you're a citizen,  and if you're disarmed, you're a subject."  Charles Heller, Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership  (JPFO)  (1)The JPFO, founded by the late Aa...

"It's Us!"

"We have met the enemy,and its us!"Pogo by Walt KellyIf (God forbid) you are found shot to death, the killer will probably be:  (a) A robber  (b)   your spouse or partner (c) a personal enemy  (d) you.Are you surprised that the correct answer is  (d)? ...

Have Gun, Will Use

Thanks to Wisconsin's new concealed carry law, more people will be  "packing heat" on our streets.   Thanks to the "castle doctrine"  and "stand your ground" laws  recently adopted, more Americans will be using guns  when they feel threa...

Shooting Gallery

Do you yearn to visit the gallery of the Wisconsin Assembly Chamber with a loaded  "Saturday night special" in your pocket?  Thanks to the Republican Cornucopia of Crummy Ideas,  you can soon!  If you have not been convicted of a felony or judged  insane (or inc...

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