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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014

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Wisconsin concealed carry gun law: two years later

Published Nov. 9, 2013

November 1 marks the second anniversary of the passing of the once high profile - and still highly contentious - Wisconsin concealed carry law. Two writers took the mandatory safety class and report back.


Vigilante justice boosts danger on our streets

Published Feb. 21, 2013

When Wisconsin foolishly passed a concealed carry bill, there were many people - me among them - who predicted that this was going to spawn a kind of vigilante justice and turn many neighborhoods into the OK Corral. Well, Guess what? It's happened.


My first brush with concealed carry

Published Jan. 23, 2013

I think I saw a gun today. I can't be sure, because I didn't stop to stare, but at lunch at the Grand Avenue mall food court, I saw a pistol in a guy's pocket. I know I just blogged about giving the mall another chance, and what I saw doesn't really have anything to do with it. Here's what happened.

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Reader blogs:

Shooting Gallery

Do you yearn to visit the gallery of the Wisconsin Assembly Chamber with a loaded  "Saturday night special" in your pocket?  Thanks to the Republican Cornucopia of Crummy Ideas,  you can soon!  If you have not been convicted of a felony or judged  insane (or inc...

Want to Pack "Heat" ?

If SB 93, introduced by State Senator Pam Galloway  (R, Wausau), passes, if you can legally own a gun, you can carry it concealed.  According to the State Legislative Reference Bureau,  "This bill eliminates the prohibition against going armed with a concealed dangerous weapon...

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