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Sklars Brothers return to Milwaukee, home of their bizarro baseball-loving twins

Published Oct. 6, 2015

When Jason and Randy Sklar perform their standup show Friday night at Turner Hall they're the first to admit that Milwaukee is a basically a Bizarro version of their hometown, St. Louis - and not just when it comes to sports fans. The first Adler's Fall Comedy Classic is right in the wheelhouse for the 43-year-old twin brothers, who span every genre of comedy but especially shine when it comes to smart and observational commentary rooted in "insider baseball" sports.


A conversation with comedian Jen Kirkman

Published Sept. 7, 2015

With a book called "I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself" and a comedy special titled "I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)," Jen Kirkman lays her honesty right out there before a single joke's been told. Before she brings that honesty - and the ensuing laughs - to the Turner Hall Ballroom Wednesday, OnMilwaukee got a chance get some honest answers from Kirkman about life as a comedian and the story she wants to someday tell on "Drunk History."

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