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Movies & TV - Feb. 3, 2014
The game is done, let's break down the Super Bowl
The big game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos is over. However, the next 24 hours will be spent looking at every aspect of the media spectacle that is the Super Bowl.
Sports - Dec. 27, 2012
Who dat feeling sports pride?
I never wear clothing with sports logos. Ever. Well, until this week, in New Orleans, I wore a "Geaux Saints" T-shirt, and you know what? I learned a lot about fandom.
Music - Feb. 21, 2012
Manhattan's John Kruth reflects on Milwaukee
One-time Milwaukeean John Kruth is a teacher, poet and multi-instrumentalist. He's also the co-founder of TriBeCaStan, the world music group that just released its third album, "New Deli."
Sports - Dec. 15, 2011
Packers notch No. 2 spot on Facebook's Memology 2011
Facebook has released "Memology 2011," a "look at what people were talking about on Facebook in 2011." The Packers rank high.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Dec. 9, 2011
Indianapolis' "Superbowl Shuffle" Huh?
The Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association has a new parody video of the Chicago Bears "Superbowl Shuffle." It's, well, interesting.

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