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Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 21, 2015
Is the "Age of Walker" over? 10 takeaways from the Marquette poll
Is the Age of Walker over in Wisconsin? It's too soon to tell, of course. The next governor's race isn't for three years, a lifetime in politics (and then some). However, any way you cut it, the new poll Thursday from Marquette University Law School was not good for our Republican governor. Here are 10 big takeaways from the poll.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 17, 2015
11 reasons why Scott Walker is suddenly tanking in the polls
A new Fox News poll came out, and it shows what a slew of other polls revealed after the first debate: While the media obsessed over whether Donald Trump was "over" because he once called Rosie O'Donnell a dog, the most surprising post-debate trend turned out to be the fact that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has tanked in the polls. Here are 11 reasons why his presidential bubble is threatening to burst.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 14, 2015
Walker campaign needs a big candidate makeover
Scott Walker is in danger of dropping off the radar screen unless someone lights a fire under him and gives him an injection of passion. He can learn a lot from the world of the theater, things that might actually make him seem like someone who cares.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 6, 2015
Republicans gather Thursday for the latest GOP presidential charade
Tonight is the culmination of lord knows how many weeks when 10 Republican candidates for president gather in front of a bank of lights and television cameras for the first debate. These events bear absolutely no resemblance to a real debate. They are just a simple chance for candidates to repeat scripted phrases about every issue imaginable.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 5, 2015
Handicapping the first Republican presidential debate
The Republican presidential candidates will debate Donald Trump on Thursday night. Yeah, I know. There's 10 of them, and they are really debating each other. But there's no denying it: Trump is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. Here's what he and the rest of the candidates need to do Thursday night to stay in the race.

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Milwaukee Buzz - June 19, 2011
Reader blog Raising Cain

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This film follows the Tehran-born Bahari, a 42-year-old b...
Charlie Bartlett
Charlie Bartlett has been kicked out of every private sch...