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Restaurants - Buffalo Wild Wings - Kenosha
7127 120th Ave., Kenosha 262-857-9992
Restaurants - Chancery - Kenosha
11900 108th St., Kenosha 262-857-3540
Restaurants - Panera Bread - Kenosha
6935 75th St., Suite D, Kenosha 262-942-1400
Restaurants - Charcoal Grill - Kenosha
5745 75th St., Kenosha 262-942-9896
Restaurants - Chili's - Kenosha
6903 75th St., Kenosha 262-697-3667

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Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 20, 2015
Could Menominee tribe end Wisconsin's reservations about pot?
No less an authority than the United States Department of Justice has cracked open the door to allowing tribes, which are sovereign states, to grow marijuana on their reservations. Could this mean more revenue for Wisconsin tribes?
Marketplace - Aug. 4, 2015
Meijer stores in Oak Creek and Wauwatosa open today
Today, Meijer opened two more stores in Wisconsin - one in Oak Creek and the other in Wauwatosa - furthering the company's estimated $750 million investment in the state. The two new supercenters join the ones previously opened in Grafton and Kenosha back in June.
Marketplace - Aug. 1, 2015
Seeking a unified approach to regional transportation in Milwaukee
Our region needs to take action on regional transit. It is up to the elected and civic officials to come together and move ahead for the good of the region. If our regional leaders are really interested in economic development, they must actively work to form an entity that manages and operates our transportation assets and capabilities.
Milwaukee Buzz - July 14, 2015
10 things Walker didn't mention much in his announcement speech
If I was a martian who had just landed on Earth at the Waukesha County Expo Center Monday night, I would probably vote for Scott Walker for president with enthusiasm. On Monday, Walker nailed something critically important for this kind of announcement speech: You could imagine him as president. However, here are 10 things Walker largely left out - ones I think if that martian took a closer look at those specifics, he'd be concerned about.
Marketplace - July 8, 2015
Dealers of American dreams: House of Harley-Davidson
In this first article in a series of Harley-Davidson dealership profiles, chats with House of Harley-Davidson owner John Schaller about the company's history, the popularity of Sons Of Anarchy, the power of a clean bike and what it feels like to ride a Harley.

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116th Christmas Bird Count
Dec. 22, 2015 9:00 a.m. - Dec. 22, 2015 at Pringle Nature Center
Join birders on foot and by vehicle (or even looking out y...
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Christian - Cheryl McCrary - Heir-Born Band
Cheryl is happily married to her husband Mike,and started...
Rock - hello mcfly
a kenosha band made up of former members of other local b...
Rock - Shoes
Shoes, the legendary power pop rock band, consists of Jef...
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