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Dave Begel
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Sports - July 3, 2015
7 agonies in the wide world of sports
Sports can bring joy and jubilation and it's about the best feeling in the world. But the flip side of that coin is the sadness that comes in the world of sports. Here's seven things that make me sad and I just hope someday I can recover.
Sports - July 2, 2015
A hello and a goodbye in the world of Wisconsin basketball
Wisconsin's basketball scene is undergoing change. The Milwaukee Bucks are going to go after a big name free agent, and it's apparent the Bucks are real players this year. That addition, however, is tempered by the loss, after next year, of Bo Ryan. He's going to be missed.
Marketplace - July 2, 2015
From rental cars to fake online product reviews, ripoffs are rampant
It was almost by accident that I discovered a perfectly legal ripoff from a car rental company. But that one seems to be almost small potatoes compared to the scandal of fake reviews that plague the internet.
Sports - July 1, 2015
The top 6 reasons to fall in love with the soccer at the Women's World Cup
The Women's World Cup is turning out to be yet another example of why soccer is called "the beautiful game." Here are six reasons to love watching the tournament.
Sports - June 30, 2015
USA vs. Germany tonight feels like Women's World Cup final
The No. 1 and No. 2 ranked teams in the world, Germany and the United States, will meet tonight for a berth in the final of the Women's World Cup. Both teams were favored to win the tournament before it started and the game feels like it should be the final.

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