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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014

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Dave Begel's Articles
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Sports - Sept. 30, 2014
Ryder Cup drubbing is symptom of a game in trouble
In a takeoff of the old joke, I find myself asking today, "What if they held a Ryder Cup match and nobody in the United States really cared?" Because that's what it feels like after the Americans were once again walloped by the team from Europe on Sunday.
Bars & Clubs - Sept. 28, 2014
Silk Exotic considering two sites for strip club
Silk Exotic has filed licenses for two currently empty buildings at 906 S. Barclay St. and 505 S. 5th St.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 28, 2014
"Identita" is a troubling mess from start to finish and in between
I hardly know where to begin with "Identita," which takes an idea that hardly anybody has ever heard of, wraps it in a confusing collection of ever increasingly incredible ideas and casts it with some of serious overacting.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 28, 2014
In Tandem produces spectacular and intriguing staging of "The Glass Menagerie"
Sometimes you think you know everything there is to know about something. It's just about at that time that you become fodder for a surprise that just about knocks you off your perch. That's the experience I got when I saw a spectacular production of "The Glass Menagerie," the fabled Tennessee Williams play that opened over the weekend at In Tandem Theatre and runs through Oct. 19.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 27, 2014
"The Color Purple" opens Rep season with powerhouse performances
The number "Hell No" may be at the heart of this play, but for the Milwaukee Rep's production of "The Color Purple," it's a "hell yes" if you want an evening of some of the best, warmest music you will see on stage all year.
Sports - Sept. 25, 2014
After a three year hiatus I'm going to hit the links again
I gave up a lifetime of playing golf three years ago for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the surprise and sudden death of my closest golf partner. Friday I am going to play golf again. Why, I'm not sure. I have cleaned my clubs, found my shoes and freshened my golf glove and I'm ready to give it another test. Like they say, no fool like an old fool.
Living - Sept. 25, 2014
11 ways to improve the world in which we live
Here is the list Dave Begel have been keeping for decades of things that he thinks would make our country and city a better place. Some of them are big deals and some of them aren't, but he believes that all of them would make it better for all of us.
Sports - Sept. 23, 2014
Is Rodgers still one of the elite NFL quarterbacks?
Is Aaron Rodgers still one of the elite NFL quarterbacks? Dave Begel has a growing feeling that he is turning into a quarterback in the middle of the pack in the NFL. The magic that put him in the elite stratosphere may be gone.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 21, 2014
Next Act's "Jenny Sutter" chronicles a troubling welcome home from Iraq
Next Act's "Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter" is a play that should be seen, worried over and savored by everyone who ever thinks about what it means to be an American.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 21, 2014
Spectacular acting lights up MCT's "The Good Father"
"The Good Father," which opened over the weekend at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and runs through Oct. 12, was the first play by Irish playwright Christian O'Reilly, and it has rarely been produced in this country. But it's a first rate story about a young couple and their year-long journey that carries them from the ultimate casual to the significantly meaningful.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 20, 2014
Skylight's "Cinderella" joyously turns a Disney classic on its ear
In its recent past, the Skylight has moved almost exclusively into the world of musical theater, consistently producing stellar productions of musicals usually familiar to an audience. Friday night's performance of "Cinderella" was a clear indication that under the artistic direction of Viswa Subbaraman, opera is back. Thank God!
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 18, 2014
Off the Wall delivers a dark and stormy version of "Cabaret"
The Dale Gutzman version of "Cabaret," which opened Wednesday night and runs through Sept. 28, is a dark retelling of a story that mixed sex, violence, longing and fear into two and half hours of mesmerizing theater. The menace of the play at Off the Wall Theatre is as intimate as any I have seen before.
Sports - Sept. 18, 2014
Are NFL teams hiding bad behavior by other players?
How many teams have players in their locker rooms who are in the kind of trouble currently dogging the NFL and that the teams are hiding with fingers crossed that they don't lose a player to suspension?
Kids & Family - Sept. 18, 2014
Fair Play demands do no service for Common Ground
Common Ground has an initiative called "Fair Play" that's designed to spark a significant improvement in school and public recreational facilities in Milwaukee County. It's a worthy initiative for the increasingly influential grassroots lobbying organization. But Dave Begel says it's blackmail.
Sports - Sept. 16, 2014
Plenty of blame to go around in bad week for the NFL
This has been a difficult week for the National Football League, the most popular sport in the country, by far. And the affairs of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Roger Goodell have raised a series of questions and which may be difficult to answer, but which deserve our best try at answers.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 15, 2014
Actor Staples moves behind the footlights for the first time
Deborah Staples is an actor and an associate artist at the Milwaukee Rep. She is at the absolute top of her game and delivers memorable performances wherever she appears. It would seem that with her career and her family, there would be no room left. However, she has begun to scale a new mountain in her life as she steps behind the footlights to direct her first play.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 14, 2014
Theatre Unchained's "Addams Family" musical is frighteningly funny
Sometimes stepping off the beaten path, or outside of the mainstream, can be fraught with peril but on occasion it can turn into a wonderful surprise and you pat yourself on the back for taking the big step. Such was my reaction after stepping into the deliciously tiny space of Theatre Unchained in order to see the production of "The Addams Family Musical."
Marketplace - Sept. 13, 2014
13 best things "Made in Wisconsin"
We may not have movie stars like California, oranges like Florida or corn like Iowa, but Wisconsin has a long list of excellent stuff we've given to the rest of the world. Here are the top 13 things that carry the "Made in Wisconsin" tag.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 12, 2014
Raucous sketches light up Alchemist Theatre with hilarious laughter
The little Alchemist Theatre space is one of the real jewels in this city, and it comes alive in an amazing fashion with "Destiny, Deviltry & Dentistry," a hilarious collection of sketches running through Sept. 20.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 11, 2014
Political correctness erodes the principle of freedom of speech
Political correctness has intruded on one of the most precious pillars of our government, a pillar that was embraced at the very beginning of this country.
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