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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014

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Dave Begel's Articles
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Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 15, 2014
Actor Staples moves behind the footlights for the first time
Deborah Staples is an actor and an associate artist at the Milwaukee Rep. She is at the absolute top of her game and delivers memorable performances wherever she appears. It would seem that with her career and her family, there would be no room left. However, she has begun to scale a new mountain in her life as she steps behind the footlights to direct her first play.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 14, 2014
Theatre Unchained's "Addams Family" musical is frighteningly funny
Sometimes stepping off the beaten path, or outside of the mainstream, can be fraught with peril but on occasion it can turn into a wonderful surprise and you pat yourself on the back for taking the big step. Such was my reaction after stepping into the deliciously tiny space of Theatre Unchained in order to see the production of "The Addams Family Musical."
Marketplace - Sept. 13, 2014
13 best things "Made in Wisconsin"
We may not have movie stars like California, oranges like Florida or corn like Iowa, but Wisconsin has a long list of excellent stuff we've given to the rest of the world. Here are the top 13 things that carry the "Made in Wisconsin" tag.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 12, 2014
Raucous sketches light up Alchemist Theatre with hilarious laughter
The little Alchemist Theatre space is one of the real jewels in this city, and it comes alive in an amazing fashion with "Destiny, Deviltry & Dentistry," a hilarious collection of sketches running through Sept. 20.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 11, 2014
Political correctness erodes the principle of freedom of speech
Political correctness has intruded on one of the most precious pillars of our government, a pillar that was embraced at the very beginning of this country.
Sports - Sept. 9, 2014
Roenicke deserves major blame for Brewers crash to earth
The Milwaukee Brewers can still run and hit and pitch and throw and catch as well as they ever could, but they aren't doing any of those things even decently now. And I think it's the fault of the manager.
Sports - Sept. 9, 2014
Packers on the short end of intelligence and courage
From that time on I have always thought those two things, intelligence and courage, were critical elements in any football player. And that's why I am so overly disappointed in the way the Packers opened their season last week against the Seahawks in Seattle.
Tagged with: Green Bay Packers
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 8, 2014
"The Doyle & Debbie Show" rattles the rafters at The Rep
The Rep's new production is a rollicking start to the theater season and one that is full of everything that's great about country music: a sly sense of humor, an equally sly sense of what makes a good story and a devoted faithfulness to an era gone by and mourned.
Sports - Sept. 4, 2014
What is Braun's role in Brewers' collapse?
As the Milwaukee Brewers' swoon continues it won't be long before the finger pointing starts in earnest. I wonder if anybody is going to bother to look at the new right fielder, Ryan Braun.
Movies & TV - Sept. 4, 2014
Good news: Garbaciak returns to WISN-TV's weeknight anchor desk
WIth Joyce Garbaciak coming back to the WISN-TV weeknight anchor desk, it's Milwaukee television viewers who are the winners.
Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 4, 2014
Governor's race lacks big dreams and inspiration
What we have now running for governor is not magic. Instead it is a tightly packaged, single-issue campaign that may well be decided on which set of statistics more voters believe. What we are left with is boring, sad and way, way short of any kind of inspiration.
Sports - Sept. 2, 2014
11 questions surrounding the Packers
Are you ready for some football? Of course we are, even though we will keep one eye on the Brewers. This is Wisconsin, after all. And in every season there are questions that must be answered as the year wears on. Here are the top 11 for the 2014-15 season.
Living - Aug. 31, 2014
11 things to do in Milwaukee after Labor Day
Labor Day is one of the saddest holidays of the year since in this neighborhood it means the end of summer. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to do.
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Sports - Aug. 29, 2014
Barry Alvarez's cabana gets major coverage from Wall Street Journal
Former Wisconsin Badgers head football coach and current athletic director Barry Alvarez was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, but not for his accomplishments on the Madison campus. Instead, it was about his spectacular cabana behind his home.
Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 28, 2014
Parking tickets are a nightmare of epic proportions
You won't believe this! Today's subject is parking in the City of Milwaukee. I've thought about this a lot over my life, wondering why I hate and fear the parking regulations and those parking checkers so much. But my interest was rekindled by a Facebook post from Circuit Judge Pedro Colon, a guy who I think would be a terrific mayor.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 26, 2014
American Players Theatre names new managing director
The Spring Green-based APT has announced that Carrie Van Hallgren, a highly respected theater administrator, will become the new managing director of the 35-year-old company.
Sports - Aug. 26, 2014
Little League World Series sparks questions about youth sports
I spent a lot of time in the last week watching the Little League World Series baseball games, but watching these kids I found myself wondering whether it's really a good thing for kids to take something like baseball this seriously at this early an age.
Sports - Aug. 25, 2014
Milwaukee beach volleyball expands to more locations
Todd Gawronski - who almost single-handedly transformed Bradford Beach from a desolate, dirty and dangerous place into the sparkling safe location it is now - is spreading his wings to six other Milwaukee County parks, with more to come.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 24, 2014
"Seminar" is cute but goes astray with misdirection
Almost anyone who has ever gone to school, especially at the college level, can relate to a story about the pompous "I'm too good to be doing this" professor who takes a macabre delight in whittling his students down to size. That's the essence of "Seminar," the Broadway hit by Theresa Rebeck that opened this week at The World's Stage Theatre Company.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 23, 2014
The 10 best shots to buy when you lose at bar dice or liar's poker
After decades of playing both games and being on both sides of the winner/loser equation, I've determined the top 10 shots to buy when you lose at either bar dice or liar's poker.
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