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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Dave Begel's Articles
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Milwaukee Buzz - April 23, 2014
Milwaukee's own odd couple unveils camera plan to make alleys safer
It was with stunned amusement that I sipped my coffee this morning and read about the merger of two local institutions - Milwaukee Ald. Bob Donovan and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, our very own Thelma and Louise.
Sports - April 22, 2014
Reaction to Bucks' big day leaves something to be desired
Reactions across Milwaukee were mixed regarding the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks, and while I truly believe Milwaukee is on the way up and that momentum is a wonderful thing, I'd hate to see the momentum halted by small minds and picky picky people.
Arts & Entertainment - April 19, 2014
Sondheim gets strong treatment from Theatre Unchained's "Company"
If God had meant for man to live alone, he would never have made Eve. That's the central theme of the Stephen Sondheim play "Company," currently running at Theatre Unchained through April 27. It is a delightful evening of song and theater, a good story and great music.
Marketplace - April 18, 2014
An OP reflects on YP Week
Today ends YP week in Milwaukee, co-sponsored by, where I work, and a creature of Newaukee, the organization of young professionals that is working to make this a better place to live and work and play. As an OP, allow me to reflect.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 17, 2014
Can we secede from Wisconsin's Tea Party nuts?
Recently, it was news that the state Republican Party is going to vote at its convention on a resolution that says the state party "supports legislation that upholds Wisconsin's right, under extreme circumstances, to secede." Secede? You've got to be kidding me. Maybe we should all find a way to get the Tea Party to secede from the rest of us who have at least a little bit of common sense.
Sports - April 15, 2014
No Tiger, no problem: golf is great without him
Tiger Woods missed the Masters Tournament last week, which was won by Bubba Watson. Waton had to fend off 20-year-old Jordan Spieth to claim his second green jacket, and it proves to me that the game is better off without Woods.
Dining - April 14, 2014
George Webb's takes the high road in Brewers' burger giveaway
You really have to hand it to George Webb, the venerable Milwaukee restaurant chain. There may be a "new" kid on the block, trying to mimic Webb's claim to fame, but the Webb people aren't all that concerned.
Arts & Entertainment - April 13, 2014
Rep's "History of Invulnerability" suffers from an identity crisis
Ever since he made his debut into the American pop culture world, Superman has been a character who made people wonder what he really was. After all, he's technically an alien disguised as a human. That was kind of the way I felt walking out of the opening night of "The History of Invulnerability" at the Milwaukee Rep. I wasn't totally sure what I had just watched, but I knew whatever it was had made me a little uncomfortable.
Arts & Entertainment - April 12, 2014
Chamber's "Lend Me a Tenor" needs a higher interest rate
Everybody wants Tito Morelli except his wife, and she's ambivalent about the whole thing. It's those burning desires from six wacky characters that are at the heart of "Lend Me a Tenor," the Ken Ludwig chestnut that opened at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre Friday night and runs through April 27.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 10, 2014
Putting on a happy face for the public can be a trying task
In these trying times it's obviously good to have a job, but some jobs are much harder than others.
Sports - April 8, 2014
Another thrilling ride could be coming for Badgers
This season was a thrilling ride for the Wisconsin Badgers and it seems almost too much to hope for another one next year. But on paper, next year's team looks even stronger than this season's.
Arts & Entertainment - April 7, 2014
"Mr. Marmalade" is a troublesome proposition for Splinter Group
In a way, the theory behind "Mr. Marmalade" is admirable. Take Lucy - a 4-year-old with an imaginary friend - and give her a whole bunch of experiences that are more suited to adults on massive drug cocktails than to a child, no matter how precocious. Unfortunately, the show itself - which runs through April 19 - is just too much of a one trick pony.
Arts & Entertainment - April 7, 2014
Renaissance rings the right bells with moving "Skin Tight"
Ten years ago, I saw the Renaissance production of "Skin Tight," a story of love and life. A decade later, the company brought back the original cast and its original director, Laura Gordon. This new version, running through April 27, is even richer and more nuanced than the original.
Arts & Entertainment - April 5, 2014
Next Act's "Three Views of the Same Object" soars on shoulders of giants
"Three Views of the Same Object," the Henry Murray play that opened Friday night at Next Act Theatre and runs through April 27, is a story is of honor and betrayal, truth and lies, the things we do either for or to the people we love. And in this production, it's a story told on the shoulders of giants.
Arts & Entertainment - April 4, 2014
Alchemist's "Use No Place Soon" provides a disappointing night
When I walk into a theater, there are several things on my wish list. I hope that if the play has faults, the actors will carry it. I hope that if the actors aren't up to snuff, the play is of such quality that even weak performances can't bring it down. I hope that if neither of the above happens, then the director will find something upon which we can all hang our hats. Unfortunately, none of those things come true in "Use No Place Soon."
Sports - April 3, 2014
The "Second City" comes up small again
Personalities in Chicago have taken it to Milwaukee Brewers fans for their vocal support of outfielder Ryan Braun, to the point of calling us "idiots" and "stupid saps." Maybe it'd be worth listening to if it didn't seem so small-minded.
Milwaukee Buzz - April 3, 2014
Sex and power can spell danger for women
There are a few things in this world that I find positively disgusting: child porn, crimes against children, people who have a holier than thou way of life. And right up high on that list is men who think that their powerful positions are a passport to aggressively pursue women sexually. Hello Bill Kramer.
Sports - April 2, 2014
Sue Black can get Wave turned around
My guess is that after all of the organizational restructuring and moving to a new league, things will settle down and Sue Black will get back to the business of running a sports franchise and finding people who can help her get better at it.
Sports - March 31, 2014
Wave commits to new league, gets extension on lease terms has learned that the Milwaukee Wave has been granted an extension until mid-May to decide on whether they will agree to an extension for their lease at the U. S. Cellular Arena while committing to join the Professional Arena Soccer League.
Arts & Entertainment - March 28, 2014
Creaky bones can't stop Off The Wall's "Romeo and Juliet"
When you hear about a retirement home, the vision comes easily. But not in the eccentric, many times brilliant and always interesting mind of Dale Gutzman, artistic director of Off The Wall Theatre. Gutzman's vision of a retirement home comes to life in "Romeo and Juliet," which opened Thursday night and runs through April 6. And to say this version of the Shakespeare classic love story is unusual is a massive understatement.
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