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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Dave Begel's Articles
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Sports - July 29, 2014
8 top Milwaukee area golf courses that won't break your bank
You shouldn't have to drive half a day to play golf. You shouldn't have to take out a loan. You shouldn't have to lose an entire day of your life. With those thoughts in mind I've compiled a list of fun and challenging golf courses within a one hour drive from Milwaukee where you can play a course that demands some skill, provides some challenge and lets you walk away with enough money to take your wife out to lunch.
Arts & Entertainment - July 24, 2014
Arts brouhaha is little more than morning radio doing its thing
Let's not overreact to Dave & Carole's incendiary and absurd comments on the arts in Milwaukee on Wednesday. After all, by very definition radio hosts are interested in just one thing, ratings. Whatever it takes, get ratings.
Sports - July 22, 2014
Are American athletes soft?
The "Big Four" sports leagues in this country are increasingly expanding their brand and their reach, which draws interest and players from around the world. As a result, fewer Americans are finding roster spots (outside of football). Pro golf, tennis and soccer bypassed the U.S. long ago. So, are American athletes soft? Do they not have what it takes anymore to reach the top of their profession?
Milwaukee Buzz - July 17, 2014
Abele deserves praise for helping make June 6 special
It might be possible for me to count on the fingers of one hand the times I've actually been proud of a politician. Once more I find I'm proud of a politician, in this case County Executive Chris Abele. Even though I don't agree with all his decisions, he provided a moment that will forever be burned in my memory.
Arts & Entertainment - July 15, 2014
Milwaukee has a big impact on Illinois Shakespeare Festival
In Wisconsin, we have the world class American Players Theatre, called by many the best in the country. The Illinois Shakespeare Festival is moving in that direction, and with a gorgeous space on gorgeous grounds, an easy three-hour drive for Milwaukee Shakespeare fans would be a worthy summer trip.
Sports - July 15, 2014
Brewers fans have big responsibilities in pennant race
Nothing is more exciting than a division race in basball. It can last for weeks. Every single game is crucial. Every play seems crucial. It is the ultimate agony and ecstasy of sports. And there is a profound role for those of us who are fans to play in a pennant race.
Arts & Entertainment - July 11, 2014
"God of Carnage" is an impressive debut for Umbrella Group
There is something about watching people just like us begin to unravel and shrink into desperation and desolation that demands our attention. That's the attraction of "God of Carnage," the Yasmina Reza play serving as the first production of the new Umbrella Group.
Arts & Entertainment - July 10, 2014
Peninsula Players breathe new life into classic Christie play
Across nearly 70 years, the Agatha Christie play "And Then There Were None" has become one of those old chestnuts, performed by high school and college drama clubs throughout the world. To say that it's a tired play is a massive understatement. But a sparkling new production that opened at The Peninsula Players Wednesday night and runs through July 27 proves that even the oldest of chestnuts can be reborn if all the pieces fit.
Milwaukee Buzz - July 10, 2014
John Doe probe plays right into Walker's campaign strategy
It's the middle of the summer in Milwaukee and frivolity is on the minds of most people around here, with the exception of a small group of political operatives and the governor of our state.
Sports - July 8, 2014
Huge salaries bedevil NBA and MLB most seriously
The world of professional sports is crazy over big salaries. But I wondered where the craziest people lived? So I went to math class and discovered that the NBA and MLB were the two leagues that have lost its collective mind.
Arts & Entertainment - July 7, 2014
"Comedy," "King Lear" open an exciting Door Shakespeare season
"The Comedy of Errors" may well be the funniest of all of Shakespeare's plays, and "King Lear" may well be the most tragic. Getting to see both of them in one startling day at Door Shakespeare is to see the breadth of Shakespeare and the diversity of his canon that has given so much to the world for four centuries.
Arts & Entertainment - July 3, 2014
"Talley's Folly" provides a moving opening for Third Avenue Playhouse
We all have secrets that are held close in dark places, kept from stretching into the light of day for fear that only trouble will come our way. But sometimes, shining light on a secret blazes a new path and opens a door that may well have been nailed shut for a long, long time. That is the heart of "Talley's Folly," the Pulitzer Prize-winning romantic comedy by Lanford Wilson that opened the season at Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay.
Milwaukee Buzz - July 3, 2014
Some pothole repairs are nothing more than a bad joke
I'm sure everybody in the city, including our mayor, is very proud of the work they are doing to fix the streets. But it's really a shell game. Or a joke.
Sports - July 1, 2014
New Bucks owners getting a healthy welcome to life in the NBA
I don't know if Jason Kidd will be good for the Bucks or not, but I do know that debate about what these two new kids on the block do is a good thing. It shows something that may have been slightly in doubt the last few years. People care. On balance, that's a lot more important than Kidd or no Kidd.
Festival Guide - June 30, 2014
8 reasons kids at Summerfest should quit smoking
It's been years since I've seen so many people smoking cigarettes, especially young people - especially young women - inhaling the tar and nicotine. I wish I could have shaken these kids by the neck and knocked some sense into them. But I figured that was not my place. So here are the top eight reasons for boys and girls not to smoke.
Arts & Entertainment - June 29, 2014
APT's "The Year of Magical Thinking" is no trick but the genuine article
There is no sound to the crushing of a heart, and although you may see it happening to somebody, it is an event full of silence. And it is in that fullsome silence that the true measure of grief shows its depth and sorrow. And it is the silences that mark "The Year of Magical Thinking," the Joan Didion play - based on the novel of the same name - that opened this weekend at American Players Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - June 29, 2014
Stunning APT production shows off a spunky Juliet
Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is more than four centuries old and has been performed in every conceivable place, in every conceivable way. But in all of those performances, no matter what was done to "juice up the story," it has always remained Juliet's play. I can't count the number of times I've seen this play, but I have never seen a Juliet like the one in the James DeVita directed production that opened Saturday night at American Players Theatre.
Festival Guide - June 27, 2014
McCreery finding a new niche in country music
If country music is going to live and thrive as a true American music form - and there is doubt about it - a view of where the music may well end up was onstage at the Harley- Davidson Roadhouse at Summerfest Thursday night.
Sports - June 24, 2014
Which is the bigger surprise: U.S. soccer or the Brewers?
We are in the throes of the World Cup and the baseball season, leading us to wonder who is the biggest surprise of June: the U.S. men's national soccer team or the Milwaukee Brewers?
Arts & Entertainment - June 23, 2014
APT's "Much Ado About Nothing" is an absolutely perfect play
The American Players Theatre opened an absolutely perfect production of "Much Ado About Nothing" under clear and warm skies Saturday night at its beautiful theater in Spring Green.
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