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Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 19, 2014
New theater company debuts with a spectacular "The Last 5 Years"
All In Productions is a new theater company that made its debut with a wonderful production of "The Last 5 Years." The musical is a romantic and intelligent story of a relationship, with one side told from the end to the the beginning and the other side telling the story in reverse
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 18, 2014
Strip club decision appeared made before the speakers reached the mic
The latest application for Silk Exotic to open a strip club in Walker's Point has been turned down again. But there is plenty of evidence that the committee had already made the decision before the public hearing began. This battle is not over.
Sports - Dec. 16, 2014
Packers' psyche took a rest against the Bills
How do you explain why a hot, successful team like the Green Bay Packers lose to the Buffalo Bills when there is so much at stake? It's a complicated answer, but it isn't just statistics or even motivation that seem to be the problem. A loss like that may not even be avoidable at some point.
Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 14, 2014
"Who Killed Santa" proves again there's never too much raunchy fun
The sixth edition of "Who Killed Santa" by the Umbrella Group has become a highlight of the holiday season in Milwaukee. But unlike almost all the other traditions, this one not only takes the gloves off, it never even had any gloves. If you like your humor both funny and raunchy, this show is just for you.
Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 13, 2014
World's Stage takes a long subway trip to nowhere in "Dutchman"
A 50-year-old play about race seems like a perfect fit for the discussions raging across American today. And while the play has lessons, they get lost in too many amateur moments in the production by World's Stage Theatre Company.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 11, 2014
The Rep continues to unveil new angles in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"
"A Christmas Carol" is a story well over 110 years old but it still has a magic and the MilwaukeeRep manages to find new pieces to keep the audience delighted. It is running for the 39th consecutive year at The gorgeous Pabst Theater.
Milwaukee Buzz - Dec. 11, 2014
Dontre Hamilton deserves some national media attention
Cases in New York, Ferguson and Cleveland are getting a whole lot more press than the case of Dontre Hamilton here in Milwaukee, It sure seems like his story deserves to be right up there with the others.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 10, 2014
Pickering reading to raise funds for tiny Tippecanoe homeless programs
This is the season when thousands of people try to do something special for those less fortunate. There are lots of good causes out there, but a tiny South Side church runs programs for the homeless and it has a very special fundraiser coming up.
Sports - Dec. 9, 2014
Eight reasons why Marquette basketball is so easy to hate
Marquette has always had a pretty good basketball program but there is something about the whole thing that doesn't inspire love. As a matter of fact, in some quarters, it's very easy to hate the Golden Eagles.
Milwaukee Buzz - Dec. 5, 2014
"Stand With Hillary" is the white trash of American country music
Hillary Clinton wants to be president and somebody thought they ought to write a country song about it all. The song stands no chance of finding it's way onto the Billboard charts and is really the most trite example of country music. They ought to be ashamed.
Arts & Entertainment - Dec. 5, 2014
Milwaukee Ballet sails into "The Nutcracker" for the holiday season
Once again the beautiful story of "The Nutcracker" will sail into Uihlein Hall for the holidays. It's a spectacular and warm show for the entire family. It's especially fun for all those little girls in black leotards who dream of being a dancer someday.
Milwaukee Buzz - Dec. 4, 2014
Keep Christmas in Christmas instead of pandering to political correctness
Someplace along the line we decided that if we change Christmas cards to holiday greetings we thought that we'd be safe from accusations of discrimination. That kind of political correctness does nothing for the spirit of the season or for those who don't celebrate. Let's be honest about differing faiths and enjoy each of them.
Sports - Dec. 2, 2014
Obama should name athlete discipline czar
When athletes act up the process of discipline can take forever and the complications take away from our ability to pay attention to the games. We need a standardized code of conduct for professional athletes, complete with sentencing guidelines.
Music - Nov. 29, 2014
Milwaukee's Mulvey gives stirring voice to Ferguson and the struggle
Music has power. It has power to persuade, but more than that it has the power to give voice to emotion. Peter Mulvey, the Milwaukee singer/songwriter, has given voice to the events in Ferguson, Mo., in a moving song he wrote in just a couple of minutes.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 29, 2014
First Stage proves that Rudolph can transform lives in this theater
First Stage's mission is to transform lives through theater. With "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Musical" on one magic opening night the lesson is driven home with a couple of six-year-old girls who found things that took them to places they'd rarely been before.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 28, 2014
Ladies lead the way in the hilarious "Cudahy Caroler" at In Tandem
Trying to get the choir back for one final performance is a task of immense difficulty, but four of the ladies provide enough laughs to make any holiday Merry. In Tandem stages "A Cudahy Caroler Christmas" for the last time and it's sad to see them go.
Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 27, 2014
Thanksgiving thoughts, past and future
There was a lot to be thankful for ths past year, but thanks also can be given for things that might happen in the next year. Call them wishes or hopes, but thanks are still deserved.
Sports - Nov. 25, 2014
There's a lot to be thankful for in the world of sports
It's the time of year when we all try to figure out what it is we are thankful for and sometimes it's hard to make a decision. But in the world of sports there are a lot of gifts that we get and we should hold hands and say thank you for players, teams and owners.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 24, 2014
Chamber stages all 37 Shakespeare plays in just under two laugh-filled hours
Hard to imagine, but four college chums go through all 37 of Shakespeare's plays in just under two hours. It's a laugh-filled romp onstage at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre that has frat party mixed with the Three Stooges as models.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 23, 2014
Skylight's "Wizard" takes a wonderfully imaginative trip to Oz
"The Wizard of Oz" on stage at the Skylight is a warm and wonderful journey into the Emerald City and beyond. The search for the wizard who can get Dorothy home and a heart, courage and brain for her three friends gets a creative treatment good for the holiday season.
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