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Movies & TV - April 20, 2015
Does BuzzFeed have integrity?
BuzzFeed launched an internal investigation to see if any questions or comments were deleted after the new editor-in-chief Ben Smith was hired in the beginning of 2012. The results may have an impact on the perception of integrity.
Movies & TV - April 17, 2015
WMIL continues its market dominance
Super-serving a niche audience can provide radio dominance in Milwaukee. Media watchers need not look further than country music powerhouse WMIL-FM to find a successful playbook on how to get and maintain an audience.
Movies & TV - April 13, 2015
"American Pickers" seeking Milwaukee collections to scour
Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are from Iowa, but they trek quite a few miles through Wisconsin. The pair of antique dealers are the driving force behind History Channel's "American Pickers." Producers of the show reached out to VISIT Milwaukee last week to help spread the word that they are looking for collections in Milwaukee to pick.
Movies & TV - April 10, 2015
Bucks and Brewers have head-to-head air schedules
To handle the conflicting Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers air times, Fox Sports Wisconsin has hit the "on" switch for its alternate channel.
Movies & TV - April 6, 2015
Morning anchor Davenport enjoying time in Milwaukee
The move was from one political hotbed into another. Melinda Davenport, the newest morning anchor on WISN-TV Ch. 12, worked at WMUR-TV in New Hampshire.
Movies & TV - April 5, 2015
'Into The Woods' a musical that misses the mark
Let's start out with the obvious, and the best part of the film. Anna Kendrick as Cinderella is the perfect casting.
Movies & TV - April 3, 2015
Marvel takes on the stream with 'Daredevil'
"Daredevil," the story of a blind boy who becomes a lawyer by day and vigilante by night, will launch with a full-season of episodes on Netflix. The move by Disney and its recently-acquired Marvel will take the beloved characters from the comic books and graphic novels to its newest platform.
Movies & TV - March 31, 2015
Walker headlines Sykes' broadcast taping
WTMJ-AM 620's Charlie Sykes will lead a taping of "Charlie Sykes Insight" in front of a studio audience at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Brookfield's Sharon Lynne Wilson Center.
Movies & TV - March 27, 2015
Local stations mining more viewers among fractured audience
Local broadcasters have had to change what it broadcasts to gather as large of a desired niche viewership it can to serve its advertisers. That means taking a look at demographics and programing for a specific audience at different parts of the day.
Movies & TV - March 23, 2015
Street Corner Symphony singer is all about that bass at "Sing-Off" concert
For Adam Chance of Street Corner Symphony, the live show is the best place to get to see more than what was on television. The bass singer of the a capella group appeared on NBC's "Sing Off" and now he's a part of the national tour. The group takes the stage at 8 p.m. on Saturday at the Riverside in Milwaukee.
Movies & TV - March 20, 2015
Radio rankings back to the same with WMIL-FM on top
For a short period, as holiday music takes over the air, people shift and sample other stations. Now that we are back into a normal grove, things are back to where they were with WMIL-FM 106.1 at the top of the ratings.
Movies & TV - March 16, 2015
Adler finds his way each morning on FM 102/1
For Jon Adler, the morning host on FM 102/1 (that's WLUM-FM 102.1), the more music format change has defined him.
Movies & TV - March 13, 2015
Riverside hosts a cappella "The Sing-Off" talent
A number of a cappella musicians from NBC's "The Sing-Off" will take the Riverside stage on Saturday, March 28 - including Wisconsin's own Cat's Pajamas as the 8 p.m. show's openers.
Movies & TV - March 12, 2015
NeverBeast deserved this film's ending
"Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast" came out on Blu-ray combo pack last week. Most of us older than say the age of 12 will love this film. And it isn't because of Tinker Bell or her friends who live in Pixie Hollow.
Movies & TV - March 9, 2015
Boys of summer are on the way
My friends, it is time to talk about baseball. Last week, Fox Sports Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Brewers announced a 150-game television schedule for the 2015 season.
Movies & TV - March 6, 2015
WITI-TV takes advantage of evening opportunities
In front of the television set, we may escape into a favorite program, catch up on what has been recorded, or seek more information on what is going on in our community. It's the latter that has propelled WITI-TV Fox 6 to the most-watched late night local news destination - surprising considering the traditional tide in broadcast history and that its nightly edition starts at 9 p.m.
Movies & TV - March 2, 2015
Godspeed Nimoy: Spock taught us to "live long and prosper"
Leonard Nimoy, who passed away on Friday morning in Los Angeles, had a world-wide following for his masterful work as Spock on "Star Trek."
Movies & TV - Feb. 27, 2015
WISN wins sweeps, is most-watched in Milwaukee
For the latest sweep that ended on Wednesday, WISN-TV Ch. 12 emerged as the winner as the most watched station in the market. This time, the ABC affiliate leaned on the strength of its early evening newscasts at 5 and 6 p.m.
Movies & TV - Feb. 25, 2015
"Sofia" may brighten a cold and gloomy day
Too much snow, ice and cold get you down? "Sofia The First Holiday In Enchancia" DVD may be perfect for the youngest ones we bundle up in sweaters, blankets and big poofy jackets.
Movies & TV - Feb. 24, 2015
Oscar-winning "Big Hero 6" now out on Blu-ray
There is little question why "Big Hero 6" won an Oscar on Sunday night. The animated movie, which comes out on Blu-ray combo pack today, has something special that can be expected out of a Disney Animation movie as much as it special sticking to its comic book origin.
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