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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014

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Recent blog entries
 Milwaukee Buzz - May 2, 2012
 Here's an Idea for Governor: Let's Just Vote NO
 Scott Walker is a polarizing figure. Tom Barrett makes a lot of people feel like taking a nap. Kathleen Falk can't win the primary, let alone beat Walker. So we're left with Darth Vader vs. Uncle Rip Van Winkle.  The choice isn't exactly inspiring.   Why can't we cho...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 24, 2009
 Bringing Socialism to Car Insurance
 State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) authored a bill that needs to be defeated.The proposal stipulates that zip codes could no longer be a factor in setting insurance rates.  This essentially is nothing more than *another* tax to support crime-ridden urban areas.Mandatory car insurance ...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Sept. 18, 2009
 MPS Mayoral Takeover: The Public Hearing
 I'm a glutton for punishment.  I actually attended the MPS School Board's pep rally last evening.  I assumed that it would be more entertainment than enlightenment, but I came away embarrassed and saddened.  The concept of the Board hosting a meeting with the sole intent of bringin...
 Sports - Sept. 6, 2009
 When Animals Attack
  It was the punch seen around the world.  Anyone who follows college football--and most of the rest of the world that picks up a newspaper or turns on a television--has certainly seen what transpired in Boise on Thursday night. Late in the game, Boise State defensive lineman Byro...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Aug. 3, 2009
 The Milwaukee Problem
 Milwaukee suffers from a major identity crisis.  Visit any other major city in America and tell people that you are from Milwaukee and you'll get some quip about Harley-Davidson, Laverne & Shirley, Jeffrey Dahmer, or maybe the Brewers.  That's pretty pathetic.Locally, if you ask som...

Recent Talkbacks
 Article - May 2, 2012
 If UWM does continue athletics, vision and boldness must prevail
 If a university in Milwauke...
 Article - May 2, 2012
 Five questions with Arthur Ircink
 The concept for "Wisconsin ...
 Article - May 1, 2012
 Northpoint Custard opens May 17
 I like both Northpoint Cust...
 Article - May 1, 2012
 The time may be right for UWM to drop its athletic programs
 Bagel Logic: Dave Can't Lo...
 Blog - May 1, 2012
 Milwaukee Fighter Chico Camus Signs With UFC
 My level of sympathy for an...
 Article - April 29, 2012 recommends, April 28, 2012
 It would be nice to see a f...
 Article - April 27, 2012
 Pop-Up shops aim to revitalize Grand Avenue
 I'm not kidding when I say ...
 Article - April 26, 2012
 Milwaukee's Marlboro Man
 I love the Sheriff. He's t...
 Article - April 26, 2012
 Who is the hottest on local TV?
 Susan Kim ahead of Melissa ...
 Article - April 26, 2012
 MPS has a widening opportunity gap
 Blah, blah, blah...go back ...
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