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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

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OMC reader: AndrewJ

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Recent blog entries
 Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 1, 2013
 Open Letter to Governor Walker, RE: Kenosha Casino
 Dear Governor Walker,I'm writing this letter to you as a constituent who has been, I believe, one of your staunchest supporters to date. What you have been able to accomplish in your first term, even after staring down a ridiculous temper tantrum driven recall attempt, has been phenomenal. Act ...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Feb. 28, 2008
 Slain bartender should be a wake up call for local law enforcement.
 With all the media attention, all the talk of “police crackdowns” and the “reprioritizing of efforts” going into the Downtown and Walkers point areas, it’s time the city take a look at another area that they’ve let deteriorate immensely over the last several ye...
 Milwaukee Buzz - July 13, 2007
 Hometown Loyalty
 This is an open letter sent to Miller Brewing executives, questioning a billboard ad outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago taking a jab at the Milwaukee Brewers, the team from the city in which the company was founded. To Whom It May Concern:I'm writing to you in order to bring to your at...

Recent Talkbacks
 Article - Wednesday
 The horror! Bucks owners back Dems?
 Totally agree with you here...
 Article - Wednesday
 This white Democrat agrees: we blew it
 I don't think you "lost" (i...
 Article - Nov. 7, 2014
 Want meaningful election reform in Wisconsin? Try mandatory voting
 Hahahahaha. A free ID is t...
 Article - Oct. 14, 2014
 UWM Panther Arena should not be demolished
 I agree that the MECCA has ...
 Article - Sept. 30, 2014
 Ryder Cup drubbing is symptom of a game in trouble
 U.S. Golf is lacking person...
 Article - Sept. 25, 2014
 11 ways to improve the world in which we live
 Could not possibly agree mo...
 Article - Sept. 10, 2014
 Roenicke deserves major blame for Brewers crash to earth
 I heard it said a couple of...
 Article - Sept. 5, 2014
 Why Milwaukee is not Ferguson
 Nice post, Keith. Finally....
 Article - Sept. 3, 2014
 Poll position: Somehow, Walker is more popular than his policies
 54% of people think the sta...
 Article - Aug. 25, 2014
 Milwaukee beach volleyball expands to more locations
 @TheyThink - That is an exc...
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