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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

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OMC reader: wiboots

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Blog name: I Bet You Never Thought About It That Way Before - But You Will Now!
Location: Milwaukee, WI
About me: I am a former Marine and a retired City of Milwaukee Police Sergeant. I have worn a uniform proudly serving my Country and community since 1973. I plan on writing interesting articles and humerous stories. I may even throw in a few survival tips on personal safety for you and your family. Enjoy!

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Average rating of my blogs: 3.7
Average rating of my Talkbacks: 3.9
Average rating I've given others: 4.6

Recent blog entries
 Milwaukee Buzz - April 3, 2011
 Open Letter To Ron Johnson
 April 3, 2011The Honorable Ron JohnsonUnited States Senate2 Russell Courtyard (Temp)Washington, DC 20510 4904Re: 28% Cuts in Medicare/Tricare Physician Reimbursements Coming In January 2012Dear Senator Johnson:I know many military retirees who were promised free life time health care. That promis...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Nov. 13, 2010
 Will Obama Support Our Vets
 November 13, 2010 The PresidentThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NWWashington, DC 20500Re: Stop the TRICARE "Catch-26" Penalty on Military FamiliesDear President Obama: There has been nearly universal applause for one provision of the national health care reform that allows childre...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 27, 2010
 Creation of Milwaukee Gateway Aerotropolis Corporation
 This information was obtained from Alderman Witkowski's press release.A meeting today at General Mitchell International Airport will mark the official creation of the Milwaukee Gateway Aerotropolis Corporation, Alderman Terry L. Witkowski said.The City of Milwaukee has joined in formal coope...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 5, 2010
 Theft at MPD Headquarters
 (October 11, 2010 - This is a satirical blog, first posted on October 5th,  that seems to have has taken a life all of its own over the last few days. It was not written to embarrass any particular member of the police department. Nor was it meant to show any disrespect to any...
 Milwaukee Buzz - Oct. 5, 2010
 Medicare "Doc Fix It" Problem
 Over the past two years I have sent letters to the President. NOT ONE of them has ever been answered. I now publish the letters hoping you will copy them and send one too. The PresidentThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NWWashington, DC 20500Re: Medicare "Doc Fix" Problem Fast Appro...

Recent Talkbacks
 Article - July 27, 2010
 Milwaukee Police Historical Society preserves the finest's past
 Nice article. Fred and Stev...
 Blog - March 15, 2010
 If You Think Health Care Is Expensive Now
 The facts are straight. Ple...
 Blog - Jan. 13, 2010
 Who Are The Masons
 This past Sunday night/Mond...
 Blog - Aug. 14, 2009
 President and Congress Oppose New Health Care Plan
 Not as good as I would if t...
 Blog - Aug. 3, 2009
 A post-racial president?
 Sanstorm you are correct to...
 Blog - July 3, 2009
 Tips on building a backyard gate
 We used one of these when w...
 Blog - June 17, 2009
 Gun Control
 Hey its a joke. I never sta...
 Article - Jan. 25, 2009
 Flynn concocts creative ways to spend seized funds
 The MPD Underwater Investig...
 Blog - Nov. 18, 2008
 No Dice Dan Bice
 Perhaps Bice is upset he di...
 Blog - June 23, 2008
 Leave work to the experts
 Point taken . . . but I wou...
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