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"Fuller House" is going to be an actual thing, and today they'd showed the footage to prove it.
"Fuller House" is going to be an actual thing, and today they'd showed the footage to prove it. (Photo: Fuller House Facebook)

Gaze in horror upon the trailer for Netflix's "Fuller House"

On the 26th day of the second month of the 2016th year of our Lord, "Fuller House" will be unleashed upon the human species, and the world will know darkness and despair unlike any other.

In the meantime, here's the first official footage thanks to its latest trailer, premiered today on "Ellen" (jump to about 2:30 in the clip to get to the actual footage). 

Yep, it's pretty much "Full House" again, complete with the whole original cast – minus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, but, as co-star Dave Coulier told us last month, the door is happily open – and all of the corniness, catchphrases and Kimmy Gibbler one could want and/or fear (plus what sounds like a re-done opening song in the background).

And in case you forgot why this existed, there's a whole scene dedicated to spouting out '90s phrases like a Buzzfeed post became sentient. That's right, '90s kids; I hope, after years of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation," you like real old-school sitcoms again!

But you know what: After actually seeing some footage, I can't hate this thing. It's just too unapologetically sappy and innocently dopey, and the cast seems just so happy to be there together again.

If this truly is the "Full House"-men of the Apocalypse, there are worse ways to go out than with a sickly sweet San Francisco family learning easy life lessons while an orchestra of canned live audience awws and applauds. You do you, "Fuller House." Television's done worse.

The end of days The rebooted series premieres Friday, Feb. 26 on Netflix. 

Trump Donald Trump at!
Trump Donald Trump at!

Make America great again by trumping Donald Trump

Are you exhausted by Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the media hullabaloo constantly around it? Do you have about ten free seconds of time to waste? Then you might just love

The premise is simple: There's Donald Trump in the middle of the page, you are a trumpet and when you click, you blast Donald Trump – and his infamous toupee – with a glorious honk from any angle you want. Sometimes confetti even pops out!

It's a surprisingly cathartic ten seconds worth of entertainment. 

Next question for the site: If Donald Trump eventually loses or drops out of the race, will the trumpet sounds be replaced by sad trumpet "womp womp" sounds? This is important.

Apparently, cheese hits the brain similarly to hard drugs. That explains a lot, Wallace.
Apparently, cheese hits the brain similarly to hard drugs. That explains a lot, Wallace. (Photo: Wallace & Gromit Facebook)

Requiem for a brie: Researchers find cheese triggers the brain like hard drugs

Bad news, Wisconsin: As it turns out, we've been enabling one of the world's greatest drug addictions of all this time. We've basically been Johnny Depp in "Blow" – but with blocks of colby instead of piles of cocaine. Forget Tony Montana in "Scarface," and say hello to Tony Fontina in "Sargentoface."

Indeed, according to a recent study from researchers at the University of Michigan published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cheese triggers the same part of the brain as several hard drugs do. 

In the study, 500 students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about food cravings, and the results showed the top-ranking foods – with pizza, duh, taking the top spot – all contained cheese.  The researchers' final verdict was that fatty, processed foods are more likely to cause addiction. 

But why was cheese in particular highlighted as our food drug of choice? As it turns out, all dairy products contain a chemical called casein, which triggers a feeling of euphoria in your brain's opioid receptors similar to that of drug addiction. Thanks to the cheese-making process, however, the chemical becomes even more concentrated in solid cheeses, making you deeply crave those curds. 

The goal of the study, however, wasn't simply to give you a decent and scientifically viable excuse for why you ate that entire appetizer of cheesy garlic bread (it was for the entire table, man). 

"This is a first step towards identifying specific foods, and properties of foods, which can trigger this addictive response," said Nicola Avena, a co-author of the study, to The Evening Standard. "This could help change the way we approach obesity treatment. It may not be a simple matter of 'cutting back' on certain foods, but rather, adopting methods used to curtail smoking, drinking and drug use."

As for us proud cheese-slinging folks in Wisconsin? Well, suddenly the phrase "cheesehead" takes on a kind of dark meaning, doesn't it?

Pop star Andy Grammer will perform at the first of two Brewers postgame concerts this season.
Pop star Andy Grammer will perform at the first of two Brewers postgame concerts this season. (Photo: Andy Grammer Facebook)

Brewers postgame concerts return with Andy Grammer, Kip Moore

Last summer, the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller Park started a postgame concert series, featuring performances by Joe Nichols, O.A.R. and the Goo Goo Dolls. And with an obvious rebuilding Brewers' season on deck for 2016, it's no surprise that, this morning, they announced the concert series would return with a duo of shows to distract from all the losing entertain fans.

The first postgame concert will feature "Honey, I'm Good" pop singer and Summerfest DJ P Hilty opener Andy Grammer on Saturday, May 14, while later in the season, country star Kip Moore will take the stage for the second show on Saturday, Aug. 27.  Moore played The Rave last month. 

Both shows – which are set to begin 30 minutes after the end of the game – are free for fans with a valid ticket for that evening's game. However, there will also be a presale starting Friday, Feb. 5 at 9 a.m. for concert tickets, including seats in the Loge Infield Box for $49 and a special VIP ticket package that includes a Club Outfield Box ticket for the game and a Field Pass for $89. The VIP ticket package is the only way to guarantee field access for the postgame concert. The presale will run until Friday, Feb. 12 at 11:59 p.m.

For more information or to secure your tickets, visit the Brewers' website.

On the baseball side of things, the 2016 season starts for the Milwaukee Brewers at home on Opening Day – Monday, April 4 – against the San Francisco Giants.