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Type this phrase into Google search for a nice little "Star Wars" surprise.
Type this phrase into Google search for a nice little "Star Wars" surprise.

"Star Wars" your Google search

Google has found little ways to have fun with search – and not just by drawing its name in funny, entertaining ways based on the day. Its best tricks tend to be secrets, whether it be creating a little game, teleporting you back to 1998 or providing the answer to life's biggest question.

Its latest nifty secret comes from a galaxy far, far away.

Yes, with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" now under a month away from taking every expendable dollar we have, Google got in on the fun. Search "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" and, well, you'll see. 

Enjoy! Also, on an unrelated note, enjoy taking a look at the IMDB rating for "This Is Spinal Tap."

Meet the new cast of "Grease."
Meet the new cast of "Grease." (Photo: FOX)

Prepare for "Grease Live," your new favorite hate-watch of next year

I've got chills; they're multiplying, thanks to my recent discovery of "Grease Live," a live musical and sure-to-be hate-watch event Fox is putting on next year. 

Some background: Desperate for ratings, NBC turned to putting on a live musical production of "The Sound of Music" two years ago. And even though trading out Julie Andrews for Carrie Underwood is a bit like subbing out Aaron Rodgers for Scott Tolzien, the live show scored ratings for the struggling network – so much so they did it again last December with "Peter Pan" starring poor, poor Allison Williams and Christopher Walken (or more like Sleep-Walken judging by that performance, amirite!? Tip your waitresses). But despite being the hate-watch event of the holiday season and arguably the most embarrassing thing to happen to the Williams family in the last 365 days, it still scored great ratings and Twitter buzz. 

So, of course, the tradition continues on NBC on Thursday, Dec. 3 with "The Wiz," starring an admittedly impressive cast including Mary J. Blige, Common, Queen Latifah, Uzo Aduba, Amber Riley, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley and David Alan Grier. And now here's Fox, attempting to get on the bandwagon with "Grease Live," which released its first cast photos – featuring "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom expert and occasional actress/singer Julianne Hough as Sandy and Vanessa Hudgens of "High School Musical" as Rizzo – yesterday via People magazine

Aaron Tveit of Broadway's "Catch Me If You Can" and "Next to Normal" fills out the rest of the starring cast – and gives it the hope and pretense of some legitimate Broadway c…

Don't be like these commenters.
Don't be like these commenters.

8 rules to Green Bay Packers fan online etiquette

So hey, the Packers sucked on Sunday. There we were, all gathered together by our TVs, radios or other devices, looking forward to briefly forgetting a truly awful weekend with a seemingly foregone victory over the more-wretched-than-usual Detroit Lions.


The Packers’ season is far from over – more on that later – but man, will it be hard for another game to so perfectly fit the role of this season’s nadir. Everything was awful. It wasn’t a case of the Lions outplaying the Packers either; the Lions were terrible and constantly trying to hand the game over. And yet the Packers treated this 'W' like it was "Aloha" and took a hard pass on it. Aaron Rodgers looked shaky and rattled. Mason Crosby’s game-winning kick looked like it got hit with a tranquilizer dart at the line of scrimmage. Worst of all, we were outscored by an offense guided by a man named Jim Bob Cooter.

Of course, people took to the Internet to rage – its second-most-common use, just behind cats. And that’s totally fine and legitimate. But some of it – most of it from the loud, dumb minority of fans – left me sadder than Mason Crosby’s kick. So here are some quick guidelines that we can hopefully follow for next Sunday – and all the Sundays after, too, while we’re at it – to make Packer Nation a little more worthy of pride.

1. Stop blaming Olivia Munn           

Olivia Munn seems like a fine person – and I say this as one of the 11 people who sat through "Mortdecai." What she doesn’t seem like is some sort of mystical Packers-hating gremlin with the powers to ruin talented football players. But you just have to search Olivia Munn on Twitter during Packer struggles to see that some people – and some normally legitimate journalists – would seem to disagree.

I’ll put this simply: If you think Olivia Munn has anything to do with the Packers’ problems, stop thinking that. You sound like an inhumane idiot. You have nothing to back up that claim other …

Congratulations to David Beckham, who out-sexied the rest of the male population according to People magazine.
Congratulations to David Beckham, who out-sexied the rest of the male population according to People magazine. (Photo: Joe Seer /

David Beckham is People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2015. Really?

Bad news, rest of the male species. After a doubtlessly thorough investigation and piles of research, People Magazine has made its annual dismount from Mount Sinai – via "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night – to declare the sexiest man alive. And this year's winner is David Beckham, who the front cover notes is "tough and tender," which sounds more like a steak cooked both perfectly and poorly.

Yeah, sure. I mean, obviously. There is no doubting the former Brit footballer is an extremely sexy dude. If my girlfriend told me she had cheated on me with him, my response would be, "Well, yeah, obviously. Why wouldn't you? Good for you!" Then we'd high-five. 

But doesn't it feel like the Beckham popularity boat sailed past? Ten years ago or even five, David Beckham would be a fairly hip, strong choice. But now? Twelve years since "Bend It Like Beckham" and two years after his retirement from soccer? It feels kind of like J.J. Abrams getting picked for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" – sure, a smart choice, but so lamely predictable and obvious. Or like when a bunch of friends and you want to go out to eat and can't decide on which trendy new place to go to, so you end up at Panera. 

David Beckham is not a bad pick. He's a fine (amirite, ladies?) pick. But what about someone like Chris Pratt? Or Tom Hardy? Or what about the Internet's husband Benedict Cumberbatch (People, you could've gotten those sweet, sweet Tumblr clicks)? Or Tom Hiddleston, the Pippa Middleton to Cumberbatch's Kate? All of these – and feel free to spout out your own personal picks – are more interesting and relevant options.

But whatever, People has made its verdict – you can read the whole interview here – and now David Beckham will join the ranks of Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Nick Nolte. You finally made it, David!