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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hi: 47
Lo: 38
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Lo: 32
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Yummy, drippy Italian Beef.
Yummy, drippy Italian Beef.

Rapid review: The Dogg Haus on Water

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve never visited a Dogg Haus location until today. Well, I’ve learned my lesson.

On just their third day of business, I popped into to the new shop at 755 N. Water St., and ordered an Italian Beef for $5.59. It was delicious.

Dipped with cheese and mild peppers, it was a bit sloppy, but not unwieldy. I devoured it in mere minutes.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m an Italian Beef connoisseur, but I know what I like. And I loved this one. The new Dogg Haus is just a few steps from my office, and I’ll be back very soon.

Actor Corbin Bernsen in 1989's "Major League."
Actor Corbin Bernsen in 1989's "Major League."

25 years later, Corbin Bernsen reflects on "Major League"

It’s hard to believe that the classic baseball comedy, "Major League," is 25-years-old. Filmed largely in Milwaukee, everyone here of a "certain age" seems to have a story to tell about the making of the movie.

Actor Corbin Bernsen has many stories to share. He played Indians third baseman Roger Dorn in the film, and he’s in Milwaukee tonight for a reunion of sorts. At 7 p.m. tonight, he’ll make an appearance at the Milwaukee Admirals game, signing autographs on the 200 level of the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

In this podcast, we caught up with Bernsen to talk about the filming of "Major League," his memories of Milwaukee, Charlie Sheen, and what he’s working on now. Bernsen said he wants to see all the extras at the game tonight to stand up and sing "Wild Thing."

And Bernsen said he’s seen a script for "Major League 4." He discussed it all here.

Fun and chaos at Nordstrom Rack.
Fun and chaos at Nordstrom Rack.
Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th.
Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th.
Milwaukee is ready for this.
Milwaukee is ready for this.

A little high-end shopping fun at Tosa Saks, Nordstrom Rack

I wanted to see the hubbub first-hand, so I joined the throngs of crowds checking out the brand new Mayfair Collection today. The parking lot was packed, but the two stores I visited weren’t too chaotic. And once things settle down a bit, I’m sure I’ll be back.

I only visited Nordstrom Rack and Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, because when it comes to Old Navy or Ulta, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Nordstrom was swarming, but with tons of employees in neon green shirts setting up mini kiosks, it was tolerable.

To cut to the chase, I loved it. While it felt like a nicer TJ Maxx, the logical layout of high-end brands like Hugo Boss and John Varvatos mingled with more mid-range offering from Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. Yes, you can find some of this stuff around Milwaukee, but certainly not at these Kohl’s-eque prices. The men's shoe selection was especially aggressive, and I walked out of there with an Italian dress shirt and funky oxford shoes for around $80.

A few doors to the north, we visited Saks Off 5th, which was understandably less crowded – because it’s way more expensive. While I enjoyed the free popcorn and the DJ, this is certainly a more "special occasion" sort of store. The $700 suits, $100 polos and $4,000 watches are quite a bargain, all things considered, but not in my shopping budget for today. I did see a few $50 shirts from Saks’ house brands, but even as an outlet store, this place is very upscale.

Still, I’m delighted – as is most of Milwaukee, according to the traffic – that the area finally has these stores. I’m sure when I’m not shopping at GILT or, I’ll be visiting Nordstrom Rack for my work wardrobe.

And I’m sure the traffic will calm down soon. It’s obvious Milwaukee can finally support these chains, and it’s great for the re-imagining of this area. Even with the Brewers shirts on sale at Nordstrom Rack, Milwaukee is now a bit more stylish – at prices our frugal citizens will appreci…

The long wait is finally over.
The long wait is finally over.

Now the games count

Opening Day has always been a special day for me. It was 16 years ago, on April 7, 1998 that I celebrated my first day of self employment (and the birth of at County Stadium. I haven’t missed many since then.

And even though I’ve already seen the Brewers play in Phoenix this spring, Opening Day marks the end of a long, grueling winter. Like my friend, Jim Powell, who I had a chance to chat with in the media dining, says, baseball will hold your hand for six months.

I’m ready.

Of course, it’s different in the press box than when I was tailgating back in the day. No cheering, no beer, no Brewers gear. But the excitement can be felt up here, too. I’m seeing lots of people I haven’t seen since September, and listening to Doug Melvin and Mark Attanasio speak downstairs – it’s hard not to feel optimistic about this season.

Because for another half-hour, the Brewers are undefeated. Like Melvin said, the team isn’t just turning a page from last season, it’s tearing up the book.

Right now, I feel good about this team. Hope has sprung eternal, and I’m among tens of thousands of fans who are as excited as I am. This is one of the best days of the year.

Go Brewers!