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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Saturday, April 19, 2014

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126. Local doctor talks eating disorders for NED Awareness week
Dr. Tracey Cornella-Carlson, MD, CEDS is the medical director of the child and adolescent eating disorder programs at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, which was the first facility in the nation to offer specialized treatment to men and boys suffering from eating disorders. She sat down with to weigh in on common misconceptions about the disease that 24 million Americans suffer from.
127. To save animals, you have to like people
"Boy, I hate people."  I hear that all the time from people who work in animal welfare. I disagree. I understand why they feel that way. When you do this work, you hear stories all the time that make you angry. Abuse and neglect. Domestic violence. Well-meaning stupidity. Even the simple failure to stick with commitments: "I'm moving out of town, so I need to surrender my 12-year-old dog." These stories would make anyone mad, let alone someone who cares enough about animals to have chosen shelter work over other, almost certainly better-paying, options.
128. Range Rover Sport laughs at Wisconsin winter Publisher Andy Tarnoff spent a few weeks with the amazingly capable Range Rover Sport, and it took him about one day to go from ambivalent to adoring of this beast. Just like the Range Rover Evoque before it, it may not be love at first sight, but it doesn't take long to appreciate what the Sport brings to the table.
129. Rethinking the pole
So, can the "stripper" pole be a positive piece of equipment - especially for women? Can it, as a fitness tool become an empowering activity that contributes to not only a more physically fit body, but to a healthier mind and self-image as well? According to Maureen Metzger, co-owner of the West Allis pole dancing fitness studio, Blush Pole Fitness and Dance: hell yes, it can.
130. I barely understand LinkedIn
I got an email from LinkedIn this morning congratulating me for being among the top five percent most-viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. Considering that I barely understand the purpose of LinkedIn, I find this hard to believe. On the other hand, since I barely understand LinkedIn, it just might be true.
131. Hello from the Wisconsin Humane Society:  It's not what you think
Hello and welcome to a new blog!  I've been the executive director of the Wisconsin Humane Society for just over three years, and I'm excited to share stories and reports of our work here. 
132. When you're approached by the homeless
I'm going to be honest. As a short-ish, out-of-shape female with comically weak upper arms, I keep walking. I don't know this person, I don't know what they want, I'm alone, I'm caught off-guard, I don't want to get myself into a situation I'll regret. And so I quicken my step and walk past. And afterward, I really hate myself for it.
133. Range Rover Evoque draws from concept car styling, off-road pedigree
The latest car that Fields Auto Group invited me to review is the Range Rover Evoque, and I have to admit, it took a few days for me to warm up to it. With its steep angles and futuristic stance, this unique SUV could be mistaken for a concept model. And as a coupe, it looks unlike anything on the road. But to know this car is to love it. After a few weeks, its British sensibilities have really grown on me.
134. Jeff Cirillo teams with animal shelter to raise money, save lives
Retired Brewer Jeff Cirillo is teaming up with The Humane Animal Welfare Society, 701 Nothview Rd. in Waukesha, to raise money for at-risk animals by matching a generous kick-off donation in 90 days.
135. Location of pain isn't always the problem
Have you ever been treated for an injury only to find the pain returns? Have you ever considered if there was something you could do to decrease your risk of ACL tears, knee meniscus tears, rotator cuff injuries, headaches, low back pain, disc herniations, osteoarthritis, or any one of hundreds of other common conditions that to nag millions of Americans each year?
136. It's not the dog's fault
Since everyone asks, I'll answer it loud and clear. Yes, we pay our freelance writers. And no, when they write opinion pieces, we don't tell that what they can write. Such is the case with my friend and colleague Dave Begel. He was a journalist before I was born, and he writes some of the most controversial blog posts on I respect what he does for us, even when it incites and incenses our readership. Sometimes I agree with him. Other times, I do not.
137. Five ways I'm a disgrace to Milwaukee
I do my best to celebrate the beauty of this town and to work for change in ways I believe it needs it the most. However, I certainly have my share of Brew City blind spots and am not always the uber Cheesehead I like to think I am.
138. My first brush with concealed carry
I think I saw a gun today. I can't be sure, because I didn't stop to stare, but at lunch at the Grand Avenue mall food court, I saw a pistol in a guy's pocket. I know I just blogged about giving the mall another chance, and what I saw doesn't really have anything to do with it. Here's what happened.
139. New year, new reasons to love yoga
Oh, yoga: the pasttime of hippies and stressed-out soccer moms alike, that blissed-out exercise of Hindu philosophers. It has no demographic, and so it bears no judgement. There's just something so delightfully zen about it (and yes, I realize that I'm mixing Eastern religions here). It's, like, 30 percent breathing, after all. I can get down with any workout regimen that includes something called "heart opening exercises." And it's a great time to get into yoga here in Milwaukee.
140. Why is Wisconsin behind the curve?
I've been thinking a lot about some of the national hot-button issues that are dominating the news. It seems that, without exception, Wisconsin isn't interested in changing the status quo. Why is that?
141. Sign me up for the Milwaukee subway
A company called Carticulate has created a theoretical Milwaukee subway map and I'm ready to start building!
142. Go on, track me
It feels like not a week goes by without someone posting something about how Facebook's invading everyone's privacy, spying on your browser history, etc., ad nauseum. (These posts are usually made on Facebook, by the way.) I understand the generic concern over the Orwellian slippery slope, but it doesn't take me too long to re-assess and arrive back at my old conclusion: Who cares?
143. Skywalking
Now that our office is Downtown, I have a lot of walkable options, which is good, since parking in a garage really cuts down one's spontaneity for driving around for lunch. However, when it's really cold out, walking anywhere is a pain, and only now am I coming to appreciate Downtown's extensive skywalk system.
144. An inspirational New Year's message from Milwaukee's retail past
In the pile of morning emails, one stood out today. Mark Pasch, owner of Mark Pasch Ltd. in Bayside, shared a New Year's message from his father, who owned Polacheck's, a men's store at 227 E. Wisconsin Ave.
145. Perplexed by the Polar Plunge
I really don't care all that much about the annual polar bear plunge on the first day of the year at Bradford Beach. The idea of stripping down and running into a freezing lake, dunking yourself and then having your friends warm you up while they laugh like crazy just has never had much attraction for me.
146. What's in a name
On the long list of Things I Would Change About Myself If I Could, my last name has always been right at the top. But now that I'm about to lose it, I'm not sure that I'm ready to let it go.
147. Sometimes we don't see Milwaukee changing right before our eyes
Recently, I was reminded how much Milwaukee has changed in the nearly 30 years I've lived here; how the razing of some buildings and the construction of others has altered the cityscape. But I also realized, later that same day, that it happens all the time and sometimes little things we see every day and take for granted can quietly go dark and often it takes a long time to realize how much has changed.
148. Give something back before the end of the world
Think the world is ending on Friday? Then you're not going to miss the $5 you donate to your favorite charity on Thursday.
149. Dream car, almost in reach: the 340 hp Jaguar XF 3.0
I lust after just two modern cars: the Aston Martin D89 and the Jaguar XK Coupe. However, I accept that both vehicles are well outside my budget, and even if I could afford them, I'm not sure I'd spend my money to own either one. This week, I spent some time with a third car that tugged at my heart strings, the new Jaguar XF. What's really paining me is that owning (or leasing, anyway) this car is not a completely unrealistic goal.
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150. When OPO attacks
The effect of other people's opinions (OPO) can be extremely powerful. Input from a collective group can be helpful, valuable and quite constructive. On the flipside, there are times when unsolicited OPO makes its way into your life.